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Give blood before you head out on spring break

Maintaining a steady blood supply for patients in need doesn't take a holiday. While many schools go on spring break in late March, like other times of year when travel peaks, blood donations tend to drop.


75-gallon donor's advice: "Give all you can."

“Give all you can.” That was Virgil Olson’s advice to others Thursday as he became the first blood donor at Bonfils Blood Center’s Boulder community donor center to reach the 75-gallon donation milestone and only the 7th Bonfils blood donor overall to do so.


Colorado Springs donor center to expand operating hours

Bonfils' Colorado Springs community donor center is getting ready to expand its hours from five to six days each week.


Student too young to donate herself saves lives another way

Sophia can't become a blood donor until she's 16, but she's already helping save lives through blood donation, by encouraging others to give. 


Sign the #BloodDonorEmoji petition

It seems there's an emoji to represent just about any activity, but currently there's no specific option for blood donors!