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#BleedOrange in challenge with Charlotte blood center

We’ve seen many of you showing your Denver Broncos spirit when you donate blood with Bonfils– now we need you to share your photos as we go up against Community Blood Center of the Carolinas to prove whose blood donors do it best.


Give blood and help make up for 350+ lost donations

We need your help to make up for nearly 400 lost donations due to adverse weather. This week's snowstorm forced Bonfils Blood Center to cancel six blood drives Tuesday alone.  


Bonfils donor named a 7 Everyday Hero

When Paul Berteau came to Bonfils' Lowry community donor center earlier this month to make his platelet donation, he knew Denver 7 would be interviewing him. He thought it was simply to help Bonfils promote National Blood Donor Month. What he didn't know, is he was about to be named a Denver 7 Everyday Hero.


Bonfils donor centers to open extra hours around the holidays

Some of Bonfils Blood Center's community donor centers will be open extra days and hours around the holidays to help prevent a critical shortage of donated blood for patients in need. 


Colorado, we challenge you! Help us make up lost donations

Colorado, we challenge you! For the next several days, we need to exceed our donation goals in order to make up for the massive losses today. In addition to the approximately 1,200 whole blood and 105 platelet donations we will need over the next three days, we estimate an additional 30 platelet and 300 whole blood donations will be needed.