Join the Registry


Who can join?

Anyone age 18 to 44 who meets the health guidelines and is willing to donate to a patient in need. Potential donors from all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to join.

How do I join?

1. Join the registry at any Bonfils marrow drive, Bonfils community donor center or online
2. Complete a health history and consent form
3. Swab your cheek for a sample of cells for initial testing
4. Your cheek swab kit is mailed and you're now on the registry

What happens next?

After you're on the national Be The Match Registry® and determined as a potential match, we will contact you to undergo further testing. If you are a true match, you will undergo a physical examination. If you agree to donate then you will be asked to donate cells one of two ways. A donation of marrow or a peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation which is much like a blood donation. Both procedures are quick, recovery time is minimal and your cells are naturally replenished within a few weeks.


For questions about the donation process, resources and support available to you please call 303.363.2345 or 800.619.1099 or email