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Advancing Healthcare

Bonfils Blood Center is not the group of first responders at the scene of an accident or the team of doctors at the hospital treating a cancer patient but we are an integral part of the healthcare system. Whether it is used in trauma situations, in treating blood-related diseases or for routine surgeries, the community blood supply is a key component of the infrastructure that is required for physicians and healthcare providers to conduct their lifesaving work everyday.

Thanks to our community and the generous blood donations they give, Bonfils strives to maintain an adequate blood supply to not only regularly support nearly 200 hospitals and healthcare facilities in Colorado and beyond, but also to remain ready for unforeseen events and other communities in need. This state of blood supply readiness ensures our healthcare partners have the blood products they need even when Bonfils may be forced to shut down collections due to inclement weather or other circumstances. Additionally, it enables us to support the U.S. military should we be called upon through our contract as one of only eight blood centers in the country with the Department of Defense.

In addition to having a sufficient supply, blood safety is Bonfils’ priority. Each unit of blood collected by Bonfils Blood Center is tested to ensure the best patient outcomes. We not only test the nearly 143,000 units of blood collected annually at Bonfils’ donor centers and daily blood drives, we support other hospital-based blood centers by testing their blood products including partnerships with Children’s Hospital Colorado, North Colorado Medical Center and more.

In addition to our blood collections and testing, Bonfils is home to renowned experts who advance blood transfusion medicine. These medical experts are available around the clock to assist healthcare providers in identifying the most effective blood products and transfusion services for their patients.

Bonfils also collects and stores blood products for the American Rare Donor Program, a joint effort between the American Red Cross and AABB (formerly American Association of Blood Banks). Bonfils and other blood centers perform phenotyping or specialized blood testing to identify distinctive and unique blood characteristics that go beyond ordinary A, B, O and AB blood typing that can help provide the best blood match to improve the medical outcomes of patients who require multiple blood transfusions. Information from rare donors is stored in a database and Bonfils' rare donor inventory is available for healthcare providers and their patients all across the country.

We thank our donors and healthcare partners for their collaboration with us on our journey of advancing healthcare to a higher level of excellence.

If you are a healthcare provider and would like more information about the blood products and transfusion services, certificates, forms and client resources provided by Bonfils Blood Center, please visit our healthcare partner website or contact or call 303.361.3105


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